DateRGospodarze vs Goście-
04/16 21:30 6 Cuniburo vs CD Vargas Torres View
04/17 00:00 6 Guayaquil City vs Manta FC View
04/17 19:00 6 San Antonio FC Cotacachi vs Club 9 de Octubre View
04/17 20:00 6 Chacaritas SC vs Independiente Juniors View
04/17 20:00 6 Gualaceo SC vs Leones Del Norte View
04/24 21:00 7 Independiente Juniors vs Cuniburo View
04/24 21:00 7 Manta FC vs Gualaceo SC View
04/24 21:00 7 Club 9 de Octubre vs Chacaritas SC View
04/24 21:00 7 CD Vargas Torres vs Guayaquil City View
04/24 21:00 7 Leones Del Norte vs San Antonio FC Cotacachi View
05/01 21:00 8 Cuniburo vs Manta FC View
05/01 21:00 8 Club 9 de Octubre vs Independiente Juniors View


Date R Gospodarze vs Goście -
04/12 00:00 5 [1] Chacaritas SC vs San Antonio FC Cotacachi [10] 0-0
04/10 23:59 5 [8] Leones Del Norte vs Manta FC [3] 3-0
04/10 20:00 5 CD Vargas Torres vs Gualaceo SC 1-0
04/10 20:00 5 [10] Club 9 de Octubre vs Cuniburo [4] 1-0
04/10 00:00 5 [6] Independiente Juniors vs Guayaquil City [5] 1-0
04/05 00:00 4 [9] Gualaceo SC vs Club 9 de Octubre [10] 2-1
04/04 00:00 4 [3] Cuniburo vs Chacaritas SC [2] 1-2
04/03 20:00 4 [4] Guayaquil City vs Leones Del Norte [7] 0-0
04/03 20:00 4 [9] San Antonio FC Cotacachi vs Independiente Juniors [5] 0-0
04/03 00:00 4 [3] Manta FC vs CD Vargas Torres [7] 0-0
03/28 21:30 3 [4] Chacaritas SC vs Manta FC [1] 1-0
03/28 00:00 3 [9] Independiente Juniors vs Gualaceo SC [7] 3-2

Wikipedia - Ecuadorian Serie B

The Primera Categoría Serie B, shortened to Serie B or Primera B, is a professional football league in Ecuador. It is in the second tier of the Ecuadorian football league system. Currently contested by ten clubs, it operates a system of promotion and relegation with the top-flight Serie A and the bottom-level Segunda Categoría. The season runs from February to December in two stages. For sponsorship reasons, it is known as the LigaPro Banco Pichincha Pymes.

Serie B has been in place since 1971 and has been held on a yearly basis since (except 1973 and 1983–88), often holding two tournaments a year. The number of teams being promoted or relegated changed through the years because, like the Serie A, the format often changes on a seasonal basis. With the creation of LigaPro for the beginning of the 2019 season, the format consisted of two separate round robin stages. The top four teams with the most points after both stages were placed in a playoffs to determine the two teams who would earn promotion to Serie A the following season. Additionally, the two teams with the fewest points at the end of the season are relegated to the Segunda Categoría.

Thirty two different clubs have won the Serie B, but only twelve have won it multiple times. The most successful team and current champion is Técnico Universitario, who won their sixth title in 2017.

**Ekwador - LigaPro Serie B**

Ekwadorska LigaPro Serie B to druga liga w systemie piłkarskim Ekwadoru. Uczestniczy w niej 16 drużyn, które rywalizują w rundzie zasadniczej i fazie play-off o awans do LigaPro Serie A.

Liga została założona w 2010 roku jako Serie B Ecuatoriana i składała się z 12 drużyn. W 2018 roku została przemianowana na LigaPro Serie B i rozszerzona do 16 zespołów.

Rozgrywki toczą się systemem dwuetapowym. W rundzie zasadniczej drużyny grają ze sobą po dwa razy, raz na własnym stadionie i raz na wyjeździe. Po zakończeniu rundy zasadniczej cztery najlepsze zespoły awansują do fazy play-off, która jest rozgrywana w systemie pucharowym. Zwycięzca fazy play-off awansuje do LigaPro Serie A.

W LigaPro Serie B grają niektóre z najbardziej znanych ekwadorskich klubów, takie jak:

* Imbabura SC
* Manta FC
* Mushuc Runa SC
* CD Olmedo
* Liga Deportiva Universitaria de Portoviejo